The Luxury Collection Site Design

Site re-design for The Luxury Collection

The redesign of, which was done as a collaboration between my design group and BBDO Atmosphere, was the first step in re-creating the brand’s global visual language. The strategy was to create the site like a museum as so it would be a space were diverse properties could be house and it would be the curation of the brand that brought them together that would make it a collection.  Explore the Collection brings this strategy to life with the properties displayed as slivered works of art against a large white background like the works lining the walls of a museum. You can either explore the slivers by rolling over them or search interactively by Destination or Pursuit which will narrow down the numbers of slivers displayed. Other highlights include destination guides that conveys the brands indigenous destination expertise and a Global Cultural Calendar that allows guests to tailor their travel plans around major global events.

2009 Webby Awards Honoree for Travel
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